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Into The Flames

Into the Flames PBB_06_01 (1).jpg

Coming July 2024

The heat is on to catch a killer


In the picturesque Australian Blue Mountains, the sleepy town of Rislake is burning. Caught in the path of a major bushfire, the order has been given for the residents to clear out. But a last sweep reveals that one person is missing: Tracey Hilmeyer.


Arriving in town to help with crowd control, dispirited ex-Sydney detective Alex Kennard instead finds himself drawn into the inferno in search of Tracey. When he gets to the Hilmeyer home, he finds her dead – the victim of a brutal murder.


With the flames bearing down and the evacuation almost complete, there’s barely enough time to save the living, never mind the dead. But Kennard won’t let this one go.


Up against a ticking clock, can he find Tracey’s killer before the crime scene, the evidence and the entire town turn to ash? And how much will he risk to do it?

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